Lost your cryptocurrency wallet? Was the bitcoin storage unit accidentally deleted? Has the disk become faulty or has the drive been formatted accidentally? Compute Forensics may be able to help. Using specialist data recovery techniques Compute can forensically capture from a forensic bit for bit copy of the original drive and carve your data to recover your funds. It does not matter the format of your wallet; we can tailor carving recovery queries and retrieve your lost crypto wallet.

If a Cryptocurrency Wallet is Deleted is it Gone Forever?

Take note, when space a file marked a deleted has not been occupied by new data there is still a good chance of recovery. Additionally just because a drive cannot be read in Windows or on an Apple Mac system does not mean that a data recovery specialist using specialised tools and techniques.

Is Bitcoin the Future?

Cryptocurrency is fast becoming the new alternative payment system. As well as being an exciting new investment opportunity Bitcoin, Litecoin and others of that ilk offer alternative ways for consumers and enterprises to exchange payment for goods and services out of the reach of the middlemen like the banks.

The medium provides a real opportunity for libertarianism and financial freedom. Now the small coffee farmer from the foothills of Peru Mexico can trade their product armed with only a computer and internet access in exchange for bitcoin in the West without even owning a bank account. The currency is still in its early phases but may become a national currency 30 years from now for some countries.

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