Right from the forensic imaging process to the reporting, our vetted court accepted computer forensic expert witnesses have been aiding our clients in finding the evidence they have been looking for over 6 years.

We image, recover, process and examine computers (Apple Mac, Linux, Windows), laptops, mobile phones, remote email stores, CDs, DVDs, servers and much more; In fact, anything that stores ESI electronically stored information.

Please download a copy of our Forensic Services PDF.

The forensic process is accomplished in a way at the beginning of the process the data is forensically imaged as not to affect the integrity of the original media. The forensic copy, not the original, is processed by manual methods and a variety of forensic software ready for analysis by a qualified digital forensic expert.

Techniques such as carving social/chat/internet history, data recovery, instant keyword searching, timeline activity analysis are all used to find the information you are looking for.

The write-up of the credible English computer forensic report can be appropriated by a multitude of clients private individuals, HR/IT departments/business owners for use in a tribunal or for legally aided Solicitors and Barristers alike and is provided swiftly electronically by email.

The areas of need our clients have instructed us in the past range from theft of intellectual property, malicious actions of previous employees, litigation support for solicitors and businesses (imaging, de-duping, hosting), data recovery, hacked email account analysis, theft, rape, murder, expert witness services, internet activity recovery and much more.

Only with us you can be sure that data will be collected in a court accepted way and that we will appropriate all the tools available such as FTK, Nuix, IEF and other forensic specialist bespoke tools to make sure if the data exists on the media we will find and report it.

We are listed as one of the top 100 eDiscovery providers and listed as a registered Computer Forensic Firm with the International Society of Computer Forensic Examiners; these facts can be verified by visiting the respective websites.

Many companies outsource their data collection, data recovery and investigation to Compute Forensics. Source the forensic services straight from us.

Chat with us live online, email or call our London office to speak with a computer expert witness on 0203 5989658 for a free consultation. You may be surprised at how affordable our rates are as we use no middle management and employ no sales staff. We only hire digital experts!