Apple Computer Forensics

Apple is the main choice of operating system for approximately 90% of computer users. Every day a laptop, tower PC or a mobile device installed with Microsoft Windows is used to commit computer fraud, insider trading, indecent image viewing, drug distribution, intellectual property theft and nearly any other computer crime you can imagine.

Compute Forensics can recover forensic artifacts such as link files (show if a document was opened), most recently used programs, installed programs, uploaded attachments, attached USB devices , web browsing history, networks, existence of file sharing software and much more.

Compute Forensics use a range of programs, not just one like many firms in a writeblocked state as not to

contaminate the duplicated evidence in order to provide detailed logs outputted simplistically for you to determine the truth.

Call or email now and a computer forensic technician (not an unqualified salesman) will guide you through every step of the process. Speed is of the essence because valuable data can the longer a computer is used. Prices are always agreed before hand and there are no hidden charges.