Computer Forensics

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Compute Forensics specializes in providing computer forensics services to the clients. Our services revolve around the analysis, recovery, and preservations of valuable information that is stored on electronic media such as computers and mobile phones.

Our computer forensic services have become vital tools and sources of information aimed to help criminal investigators, prosecutors, and corporate counsel. Our computer forensic investigators are using their expertise and skills in identifying and restoring corrupted, formatted, hidden, or deleted files and data from any electronic media. We are offering our quality services while maintaining vital data trials, date and time stamps, and precise chain of controls and custody. We can also generate access to encrypted or protected data with the use of our specialized software.

What We Can Offer

Analysis and Data Discovery: Our computer forensic team uses special techniques in order to recover data. Once the material was discovered, it will be analyzed to identify the author, to know when the material was created or deleted, and to learn about its relevance to a specific situation. This is one of the most crucial phase in computer forensic investigation, thus we see to it that it is being handled carefully to protect any sensitive and valuable information.

Preservation Of Evidences: When it comes to the preservation of evidences, our team of expert forensic investigators can guarantee quality and reliable performance. In this phase, forensic images are made from all the pertinent data. These images will be analyzed and original sources where these data were extracted will be placed in a confidential and safe environment. Our forensic experts have the capability of analyzing the authenticity and security of the information carefully.

Report The Findings: our forensic analysts can piece together an accurate report of the findings. All the evidences extracted will be carefully phrased, containing the different key issues relevant to the specific situation of the client. We are dedicated in conveying essential findings to the courts and clients through expert reports and consulting, affidavits, as well as testimonies generated during trails and depositions.

We understand how important it is to provide accurate and dependable forensic evidences to our clients. With that in mind, it is imperative for our computer forensic analysts to be able to provide expert testimony about their valuable findings. We believe that the a computer forensic investigation must be precise and accurate with evidences, and as a computer forensic service provider we aimed to be well spoken, extremely accurate, and persuasive with our testimony.

All of our services are essential factors in the realm of computer forensics. Thus, we make sure that each and every phase is being handled accurately and professionally by our forensic experts so that no evidences will be mishandled and tampered with.

There are lots of reasons why a company may require our computer forensic services. Thus, if you ever suspect about having an incident that requires computer forensic services, or any electronic evidence analysis and discovery, secure your computer and contact a reputable service provider. And in this case, Compute Forensics can be the best option.

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