Email forensic analysis

Involves a number of stages for an investigation firm such as Compute Forensics. We must collect, process and turn a haystack of data into a needle of relevant data. We use market leaders NUIX’s software in processing your data; although we are happy to use whatever you prefer.

Collection is done using stringent control procedures. No matter how small (a couple of Microsoft PST files) or large (Cases involving 50+ computers) the case we will walk you through every step of the process without you having to worry about the collection and analysis of your electronic litigation data.

Our email electronic discovery services start from around only £800 for 1 computer.

Data collection

Firstly we must decide whats best for our client. Do we need to collect full bit for bit images in-case of the need for data recovery at a later stage of the process or just collect the relevant email compound files? We will provide what is most cost effective and relevant for the clients. Unlike other firms that just do e-discovery we can also recover deleted webmail and other artifacts that other dedicated firms just don’t find. Meta data and PDF files can also be processed and indexed for easy

searching for our clients. With just technical staff you can be assured that no fragment of data will be left behind and that all your artifact can be made plainly and easily available for review.

The data the moves onto the processing stage. We can provide out sourced data collection to e-discovery firms that may be interested in this service. We use writeblocked technology when needed.

Processing Stage

The processing stage involves the emails and other artifacts being de-duplicated, sorted and made electronically searchable for review. At this stage our e-discovery staff are trying to expel 99% of irrelevant data (such as manuals, marketing emails etc..) from the index. This is done with care as to not expel data that may aid the investigation. Our powerful intel PC’s can do this within days to leave us with searchable evidence. Compute use OCR (optical character recognition) technology so items that are pictures or PDF’s that contain text are picked up by keyword searches made against the processed data, as well as testimonies generated during trails and depositions. All of our services are essential factors in the realm of computer forensics. Thus, we make sure that each and every phase is being handled accurately and professionally by our forensic experts so that no evidences will be mishandled and tampered with.

Thus, if you ever suspect about having an incident that requires computer forensic services, or any electronic evidence analysis and discovery, secure your computer and contact a reputable service provider. And in this case, Compute Forensics can be the best option.

Review stage

At the Review stage sometimes a hosted review platform is needed, other times a more cost effective DT-search indexed external drive is suitable. Don’t let unscrupulous e-discovery company’s ruin your firms budget by charging for ‘e-discovery extras’ that may be unnecessary and criminally pointless for the size of the computer investigation. Some times a computer forensic analysis executed by our team may be more financially viable. Be assured you will have the simplest platform to review our findings on. Alternatively we can examine data for you pulling off whats relevant as long as you supply keywords or a scenario for us to investigate.

We can guide you through every stage of the e-discovery journey. Join our contented clients!