In recent years mobile phones are becoming more and more like computers. Compute Forensics support over 3500+ mobile phone in recovering lost, live or deleted data. We can recover deleted text messages, call registers, SIM imei numbers, photos and user locations. Using our expert experience we bypass locked handsets, to preview extracted data and safely create forensic images.Compute Forensics do not alter the original data in anyway and out put the results as an excel table or integrated into an expert witness report.

Boost your digital intelligence in Digital forensics
The world has grown tremendously in this digital age. And with no doubts, digital gadgets have played a major role in bringing this world into a small circle. Digital forensics is one of the most exciting and appealing fields of information security. Mobile phone forensic department is one of the booming branches of the digital forensic department. Mobile phones contain abundant information in its three key elements known as handset, SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card and its IMEI number.

Phone forensics in General
For any mobile or smart phone, three types of data can be extracted easily. With help of SIM card or IMEI number, one can always extract information or your

location. Billing information including call logs can be obtained from a telephone exchange. A call detail record (CDR), can be generated be a telecom company on request. This has all the details of a phone call or SMS or MMS or browsing history that passed through the mobile device. Now days, when mobile phones have SD cards or Memory Stick, the locally stored information on handset also plays a major role while investigation.

Mobile phone forensic procedure
The forensics procedure for a mobile device should be done very carefully. The first important step while doing investigation is to seizure or to take a mobile phone in one’s custody. The main intention to seek a phone is to preserve its evidence, as mobile phones have tendency to lose some of its data or temporary files once it is switched off and on. Also bringing it into a network again, may delete its old data and overwrite it with a new one, which might be of no use or mislead the forensic experts. Since a mobile cannot neither be kept active not it can be switched off, so once seized, it is kept on Flight/offline mode. One more method is to clone or make a duplicate of its SIM card. The cloning method is generally used in the cases, when the original SIM card is destroyed or it is missing.

Once you have hold of a mobile phone had its SIM, desired data can be retrieved from it. Since mobile/smart phones come with extra security features, data acquisition needs smart automated tools. They consist of a hardware and software component, which can read or extract data from the memory image.

Forensic mobile phone examination and analysis
Once the information is pulled out, with help of software,
the characteristics of file headers are looked for. Such deep examining of a memory needs lots of skills and patience. One must also have knowledge to work out the missing information. Forensic software simplifies the search and extracts the data, but since no tool can extract all data, often two or more software’s are used for examination.

After the data is extracted, analysis, validation and documentation of the same are done. Reports are made and thus, investigation department is greatly benefitted from this mobile phone forensic department.