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Onsite Mobile Phone Forensic Extraction

Using our powerful mobile forensic software one of our staff can perform an onsite mobile phone extraction. Our analyst can be made to blend into the location that the mobile phone extraction, or ‘hex dump’ is taken. A hex dump ensures you extract all the data from the phones internal memory, most company’s just use logical software. A date is to be agreed by both parties and subject to signing a invoice acknowledgement and authorization form an analyst can call at your convenience. Our mobile phone forensic expert won’t sign in using the compute forensics brand as to protect your intentions.he mobile phone forensic investigator will arrive with all telephone cables needed and his own portable analysis tablet. If in a law enforcement building our mobile phone forensic analyst can use their extraction equipment.

Mobile data extraction can then take place. The extracted mobile data called an image (a bit for bit copy) is then packaged in a portable safe on an encrypted drive to be examined in a secure forensic lab. On site mobile phone extractions or mobile phone analysis is not always necessary.  You can send phones by regular tracked mail or DX (not recommended as we don’t believe either of these methods is 100% ideal) . Alternatively arrange for one of our GPS tracked couriers to pick up the mobile phone and sign any necessary continuity documents.