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IT forensics

IT forensics  is a discipline of computer forensics that Compute Forensics can provide. Compute forensics are forensic IT trained and hold the non-vendor specific CCE qualification. We are members of the The International Society of Forensic Computer Examiners among other industry standard qualifications.

IT Forensic skills such as those offered by compute offers computer and network forensic services in civil and criminal matters. For example using forensic IT Compute Forensics and the computer forensic software compute have at their disposal can remotely image and examine a hard disk of a computer used by an unscrupulous employees to steal intellectual property such as contact lists or blueprints.

Forensic IT examiners employed by compute can execute keyword searches while the employee is still on the premises. The digital evidence is forensically preserved and this ensures the computer image or computer forensic evidence admissible in court or an employment tribunal. In other forensic IT cases compute can image on site and conduct our investigation back at our lab near Birmingham in the United Kingdom.

After the forensic IT evidence has been gathered from the hosts drive an objective forensic computer forensic expert report can be assembled. This computer forensic report will answer legal questions raised in the quote and put any suspicions to sleep. We can prove or disprove computer or mobile phone related supposed actions and aid our legal, military and private clients.

IT Forensics can recover email messages, office documents, movie files infact any item you are specifically looking for. We will use It forensic techniques coupled with electronic discovery skills to de-duplicate, review, text character recognise and present only the relevant data for our client for review. After using forensic IT techniques to recover data we will whittle down finding to what you need to save you searching through endless reams of information.


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