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Hard disk, file erase data destruction service

File Erase Service

Compute offers a data wipe service that conforms with ISO17799 standards. The computer hard disk is completely wiped by either resetting all the binary data to 0’s or by writing random data over the the entire hard disk. This method ensures all your data is completely destroyed  and their is no chance of recovering any personal information. Physically destroying a drive is futile. Compute Forensics regularly perform data recovery on disks successfully restoring their desired information. In fact a member of compute team will load your drive into forensic software in order to manually check if the drive is clear. This computer forensics investigations software is the same used by UK police, military and clandestine organisations in order recover data about the person in question.

Don’t be fooled into thinking your data is gone. Compute forensics regularly act as defence computer forensic expert witnesses for clients who have naively purchased second rate file erase software and tried to erase files themselves.  They may have erased the file in the observed location but not the logs, the most recently used area in the registry among other areas. You need to instruct a computer forensic expert.

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