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CCTV Enhancement & CCTV Expert Analysis

“CCTV enhancement and CCTV analysis can be useful in investigations and provide crucial insights into what really happened in that incident.”


To a layman, closed circuit television CCTV enhancement and CCTV expert analysis maybe too technical a term and so let us understand it in a simpler manner. It means that one is able to view moving video images with it. The images can be captured in different formats such as the analogue format available on magnetic tape. Or these images can be in digital formats such as on hard drive, compact disc or on a DVD. CCTV enhancement allows the user to perform a wide and specialist range of technical procedures by a CCTV analysis expert witness that considerably improves the quality as well as clarity of the images taken.


How does CCTV coverage help in investigations?


• CCTV audio and video recordings can be helpful in investigations as they provide crucial and accurate insights into events and actions. In fact, the CCTV enhancement can help to produce the Best Evidence in court.

• We have an excellent team of CCTV expert witness consultants. They have the required experience in this field and are able to identify, extract and preserve recorded evidence from different platforms and devices. CCTV enhancement, CCTV analysis and audio enhancement has great importance in investigations.


List of services that are offered to our clients


• We offer various services to our clients. They are full spectrum forensic services, audio enhancement, CCTV enhancement, speed correction / time lapse assessment, de-multiplexing, all types of format conversation and transcription. CCTV analysis is painstakingly perforemed by a CCTV analysis expert witness.

• Suitable subtitles or tags can be added to the video footage that can assist in clarity or understanding. One is able follow the movements of the key individuals this way even in a crowd. CCTV enhancement does provide clear images.


Can you depend on the authenticity of the CCTV recordings presented after a CCTV analysis project?


• You need not worry about any kind of manipulation or tampering. You may have a recording but not sure about its authenticity. CCTV enhancement can be useful here. Do you need to test the recordings? If you feel that evidence provided is not accurate and you suspect that it has been modified, in that case we are there to conduct detailed assessments for you. These assessments would be done upon product media as well as original recording device. This is done with a purpose to link the two products that will provide expert comments on the integrity and provenance of the recordings. In this respect, CCTV enhancement, CCTV expert analysis and audio enhancement can be helpful during the investigations. Subtle or sophisticated modifications of any kind can be detected and disproved with such studies or else they can be easily missed by the human ear or eye.

Apart from CCTV enhancement, audio enhancement too can be very useful during investigations. Along with images, if you are able to hear sounds with clarity that can provide crucial evidence as well. We live in world today that is monitored by cameras constantly. Usually, the CCTV captures images of the average person almost hundreds of times in a day. Mobile phones and CCTV cameras are able to record these images. But it is seen often that these images lack quality and clarity. Due to this reason, they are useless as evidence in court. With expert CCTV enhancement and audio enhancement features, these images become important evidence and the culprits can be punished or spared in court.