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Digital Forensic Services

Compute Forensics is the de-facto service provider from many organisations of computer forensics, computer investigation/examination, mobile phone forensics and cell site analysis location services. We provide court approved digital reporting to clients involved in complex issues such as fraud, HR disputes, intellectual property theft and digital forgeries. If an action has occurred there is almost always a digital trail we can uncover. We serve private, legal and corporate sectors. We are Sweet and Maxwell vetted expert witnesses.


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Accessdata Computer Examiner CertifiedAccess Data Mobile Phone Examiner CertifiedCFIP Certified by 7SafeAll our examiners carry the EnCE certified credential.







Computer Forensic Findings in Plain English

Our strength is to convey complex ideas in plain English to our customers that vary from agents of the UK courts also the public and private sector. We perform expert witness testimony in UK courts with confidence. All our Computer Forensic analyst’s have courtroom experience. Please call us and we will be happy to initially consult with you by phone or at our office at 15 the Old Bailey at no charge.  We only employ experts, so rest assured our quotations will be efficient and cost effective.

Digital Investigation Services

  • Forensic imaging/copying adhering to the computer investigation ACPO guidelines. Evidence preserved.
  • Windows/Apple Mac/ Linux Recovery All operating systems covered.
  • Link File analysis The origin of a file. When was it opened was it copied or downloaded?
  • Internet History Recovery Full record output even individual page reconstruction.
  • Webpage Rebuilding from the users perspective Clear but admissible results.
  • Disk Reconstruction Evidence files made usable like a normal computer.
  • Data Recovery (Broken disk/deleted information) Clean room or software recovery.
  • Social media messaging and chat Recovery Full logs presented as clearly.
  • Email recovery and display Recover, De-duplicate and present relevant emails.
  • Corporate data seizure 1 on 1 training on the topic of live data capture and preservation.
  • Mobile phone recovery live and deleted information, full physical recovery.
  • Password Recovery Files or whole disks, payment only after successful attempt.
  • Covert Live data recovery for corporate market Intellectual property theft.
  • Cell site analysis using call data records Approximate loci of your client.